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That Works Weekly: Caterpillar Cake Wars, Amazon’s Hair Cuts and the Super League Shambles

That Works Weekly provides an alternative take on the week’s marketing and branding news. In Episode 6, Marks & Spencer get protective over a cake, Amazon delve into the world of hairdressing, Apple help you find things and the Super League is over before it’s even started.

Who knew that one of the most interesting and entertaining news stories of 2021 so far would be about two supermarkets fighting over an insect-themed chocolate cake? Social media in particular has been dominated this week by the hilarious story surrounding Marks & Spencer and Aldi, with the former attempting to take legal action over the latter for allegedly ‘infringing on its trademark for Colin the Caterpillar’ with their own cake, Cuthbert.

A few questions. Firstly, why do M&S care so much about a cake which people buy solely for children’s birthday parties, forget about, and end up giving half of to the birds? Secondly, who even knew that M&S were the original manufacturers of caterpillar cakes? Thirdly, and probably most importantly, who comes up with these caterpillar names? Cuthbert? Really? All of this said, however, Aldi’s exceptional #FreeCuthbert content on Twitter is a) well worth five minutes of your time and b) making M&S look like absolute fools. Because they are. It’s a CAKE.


Alexa, give me a short back and sides

Amazon continued their plans of literally taking over the whole world this week as they launched their first hair salon in London. As if we needed any more proof, I think this is final confirmation that Jeff Bezos has slightly too much expendable income. “What should I do with my spare billion this week? A charitable donation? A small rise for my underpaid factory workers, perhaps? No. I’ve got it. An Amazon barber shop.” Customers will benefit from the very latest augmented-reality technology to test out colours and styles, whilst entertaining themselves mid-trim with Amazon Fire tablets. Meanwhile, eBay are planning on opening a Fish & Chip shop and ASOS are establishing a chain of petrol stations.


Netflix subscription dip

Streaming service Netflix experienced a drop in subscribers during the first three months of this year compared to record breaking numbers in 2020, with only 3.98 million people signing up to the service between January and March. ‘Only’ 3.98 million. In three months. And that’s a decrease. Imagine. It seems people have remembered there is in fact a world and a life outside of the same four walls and a bingeable series or two. Or 12.


Apple launch new tracker

Apple have announced the launch of their new AirTag tracking device, which can be attached to and subsequently used to find lost keys, bags, wallets, dogs or anything else you might be inclined to lose. The AirTag can either inform you of and direct you towards its location, or make a noise to draw you towards it if in earshot. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but it seems Apple have actually created a useful, practical, innovative and reasonably-priced product. It is no surprise, however, that you need to use your phone in order to activate and control the AirTag, therefore preventing you from using it to keep track of your phone should that be the lost item. “Unfortunately, if you lose your phone, you’ll just have to buy a new one. From us. For £1100. Sorry about that.” said an Apple spokesperson. Maybe.


The Super Pathetic League

This week’s ‘good news’ feature is very much celebrating the comical collapse of football’s proposed European Super League – an attempt by England’s ‘big six’ clubs to break away with six other European giants to form their own elitist, rich boy ‘competition’. The plan was for the clubs to play each other in a mid-week mini league, year after year, without having to qualify, without promotion or relegation, whilst absolutely raking in the cash through sponsorship and broadcasting deals. The proposal was announced on Sunday – by Tuesday, the whole thing had fallen to pieces like a Digestive dunked in a cup of tea for too long. Two days. The Suez Canal blockage had a longer lifespan. You love to see it.

RIP Super League: April 2021 – April 2021.

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