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We're Your New Google Partner, Howdy!

We spend over £500k per year for our clients and cover Google Shopping, Display, Youtube, and Search. (We even do Search Engine Optimisation too if you’re feeling extra fruity!)

We work with E-commerce brands looking to grow their D2C sales, Local Tradesman looking for a consistent source of leads, and companies wanting to wax lyrical about their new product launch. 


Real-Time Tracking & Analytics

View your analytics in real-time. Current visitors, conversions, value and phone calls. We want you to be able to see exactly what results we’re providing for you and the value that they bring.


We build you your own unique dashboard for you to view on the fly. It’s just as important for you to see what’s working than it is for us. We take a collaborative approach to account growth, listening to the people who know your business the best. you.


Turbo Charging Lead Generation

We practise what we preach, every digital marketing agency should. You may have even landed on this page because you clicked on one of our own Google Ads. If you’re this far down you’re probably digging our landing page too…. thanks!


Recurring revenue is what keeps a business afloat and able to scale. We provide you with a profitable business expense in a fresh supply leads consistently month on month with our PPC. These are exclusive to you and your business and no one else can have ‘em! 

Your journey starts here 😎🔥

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What happens now?

We’ll most likely reply to your query as soon as we get it, however you can book a call with Jordan Hill (Founder) directly at a time that suits you.

PPC, Shopping & Youtube Advertising

That Works Agency have extensive experience working with a range of different clients, all presenting different challenges for paid search.


As a boutique PPC agency based in the heart of Leeds, we love to innovate, using a range of industry leading techniques and approaches to maximising your marketing efforts. From lead generation to eCommerce and video we have the tools and experience to assist your every need.


Speak To The Specialists

Book a free consultation call with the team now! On the link you can select your time and date. We'll be here to answer and questions and give ideas tailored to your business on how we can help you!

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