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That Works Weekly: Dog Turns 60, We Are Good, Snoop Dogg is Loaded, and the UK loves Croissants.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

That Works Weekly: Season 1, Episode 1 Read Time: 3 Minutes Author: Jordan Hill


Overpriced croissants now inescapable

High Street food franchise Pret a Manger, which roughly translates in English to ‘Drainer of Wallets’, have this week announced a deal which will see them stock a range of their croissants in numerous Tesco stores around the UK. Three varieties (all butter, chocolate and vegan) will be sold in packs of six and will come frozen, which may also become the

status of your bank account once you’ve attempted to purchase them. Along with working, DIY haircuts and solo drinking, you can now include ‘indulge in overpriced French breakfast goods’ in the list of things you can now do from the comfort of your own home.

Dulux Dog turns 60

The famous paint brand is undoubtedly one of the few companies whom have profited from the Coronavirus pandemic over the last year; stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives, decorate every room in your house merely for something to do. Incidentally, this year they are celebrating both their 90th birthday and the 60th anniversary of their widely renowned

mascot; the Dulux dog. We should probably assume that today’s model isn’t the same as the original Old English Sheepdog who, rumour has it, gate-crashed an advertising shoot back in 1961 and simply never left. 420 dog years would be an awfully long time to be flogging paint for wouldn’t it? In fact, after a while, it’d almost be like watching paint dry.

Did somebody say Just Eat your way into the marketing budget?

Another industry which has enjoyed a Covid-inflicted boom is that of food delivery. Every other advert on TV seems to be an enticement into sacking off the kitchen (as if we needed persuading) and allowing Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat to deliver various meals conveniently to our doorsteps. The latter of those, in particular, have seized the opportunity to make us extremely aware of their services, announcing a whopping 158% increase in their marketing spend in 2020. You’d imagine Snoop Dogg was the beneficiary of around 157% of that increase, owing to his painfully catchy ‘Did Somebody Say’ jingle which has dominated TV screens throughout the pandemic. Incidentally, the Christmas version of this inspired piece of melody, ‘Doggy Dogg Christmas’, is available to stream on Spotify. Who says they don’t make good Christmas songs anymore?

Influencers ordered to ad-just their posts

The Advertising Standards Authority have this week cautioned Instagram influencers who are allegedly not stating that some of their posts are in fact - wait for it – paid adverts. Influencers? Advertising products? Who knew? Personally, when I happen upon on Instagram account with a few thousand followers singing the praises of a skipping rope and photographing it from 19 different angles, I don’t necessarily need the ‘#Ad’ to confirm that they’re probably not doing this off their own back. Nevertheless, the ASA have threatened to name and shame the ‘non-compliant’ influencer rebels if they’re found breaking the rules again. If you’re unsure of whether someone is an influencer and is likely being paid, other tell-tale signs include discount codes in the bio and twice-daily posts from Dubai throughout January.

Exciting news for That Works!

What would be the point of this blog if we couldn’t blow our own trumpet a little? We’re delighted at the news that our agency has been awarded Shopify Experts status! Handpicked by Shopify themselves, we are extremely proud to have achieved this feat inside under two years in business. We have built many custom Shopify solutions for our numerous clients in this time and are grateful that, out of thousands of agencies who apply, Shopify have deemed us worthy of this status. Essentially, it means we have highly skilled designers, developers and consultants who can aid our clients in building successful brands, businesses and, of course, Shopify stores.

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