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E-Commerce Email Marketing from Experts.

Masters of our craft, our team of in-house CRM Designers and Klaviyo Technicians have been awarded the Klaviyo Partners status. We're here specifically to help E-commerce brands grow, with Klaviyo there to help drive 30% of your annual sales revenue. You just found your new CRM Agency.

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Drive an extra 6-7 figures in email revenue.

Facebook Ads, Google Shopping, Influencers, and Social, they're all great tools and help bring new customers to your business, but what makes them stay?


You're probably firing on all cylinders acquiring new customers, but email often gets overlooked. when done right email will provide an extra 20-30% of revenue to your e-commerce business.

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Shopify Store Migration

Moving e-commerce platforms is no easy task. That's why you need to be sure you enlist the help of a Shopify Plus Expert you can trust. 

Leading the way from aged services like Magento, That Works can provide you with a seamless migration onto the world's best E-commerce solution.

We ensure data integrity and compatibility throughout the process and built interfaces to third-party platforms through the Shopify API, SFTP, and web services. 

These brands trust us with their digital retail. You should too.

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Client Onboarding

The first step in creating a comprehensive email marketing strategy is to get to know your brand.

The information that you provide allows us to formulate a relevant email marketing strategy to grow your business.

Fill out the client onboarding form by clicking the button below. 



Our team will work hand-in-hand with you in the formulation, creation, and approval of all flows and campaign emails (from the amount of discounts, copy, graphics, and photos used).


This will be laid out in a content calendar for you to easily track what emails are ready to generate $$$ for your business. 

How about a free audit?

Book a free Klaviyo account audit with the team now! Click the button below to avail. We'll be diving deep into your store's data and give you ideas tailored to help your business grow through email marketing.


Delivering Cutting-Edge Technology with Shopify

We have partnered with some of the best tech companies in the game. This allows us to deliver a service level like no other. 

Every website tech stack is different, that's why we take time to always be at the forefront of what is possible with Shopify. This allows us to, when called upon, have the ability to do almost anything. 

We've not yet been asked to do something we've technically been unable to complete with Shopify. #Flexing


Email Designs

We will review your brand book, social media accounts, and website to understand your brand aesthetic. Based on this design audit, we will  then create your email template on Klaviyo.

We will be designing on-brand templates for your flow and campaign header images, text blocks, product blocks, image blocks, and review section blocks.


Account Audit

One of our roles as an agency is to make your online store's data make sense to you.

A Klaviyo account audit will determine your brand’s performance in terms of your email deliverability and subscriber acquisition.

We will look at these factors to fully understand what you are doing great and what are your areas for improvement.

Oh! Did we mention that it's free? 



& A/B Testing

Once the flows and campaigns have been set to live, we will monitor the flow and campaign performance through the metrics provided by Klaviyo. 


We will also conduct A/B testing to continuously improve email content--to make sure that only the best variations are set to live.  

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