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Brand Identity

We know what makes a successful brand. A key part is informing and appealing to your audience. To capture their attention, your brand should make it clear what your business is offering and why it’s made for them.

We help you get this right, creating an identity that suits you perfectly. From the get-go, your customers will experience what you’re about and what makes you different.


Digital & Print Design

We work with you to take your new identity into the real world. Well designed brands aren’t just about a well designed logo. They’re about consistent execution of all aspects of the design, such as typography, colour and layout.

We provide all brand assets and a brand guide to give clear direction on this. We also create design templates and offer full digital and print design services.

Your journey starts here 😎🔥

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What happens now?

We’ll most likely reply to your query as soon as we get it, however you can book a call with Jordan Hill (Founder) directly at a time that suits you.

Design &


It’s a fast-paced world. People make snap judgments based on how well a product or service is presented. The way to be seen, understood and believed is through branding ThatWorks. It’s what lets designer fashion labels charge high ticket prices, and what makes Apple one of the biggest companies in the world.


Speak To The Specialists

Book a free consultation call with the team now! On the link you can select your time and date. We'll be here to answer and questions and give ideas tailored to your business on how we can help you!

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